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Top Few Sportsmanship Moments of the Tokyo Olympics
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Top Few Sportsmanship Moments of the Tokyo Olympics

Who are true sportsmen? How can you find true spirit in a sportsman? Well, we have a few examples from the Tokyo Olympics which can truly prove that athletes have true spirit in them. From comforting and celebrating participants to sharing gold medals and words of encouragement, these are some of the truly touching moments of sportsmanship during this year’s Olympics.

Two Running Contestants Fell and Finished Together

In the men’s 800m semi-finals, Botswana player Nijel Amos and United States Isaiah Jewett got intertwined and fell to the ground then they were excluded from the competition.

But like true sportsmen, both of them helped each other to get up and put their arms around each other, and jogged to the finish line together.

Two jumpers decide to share gold 

In the Olympic high jump finals, Mutaz Barshim of Qatar got gold, and Gianmarco Tamberi of Italy got seconds.

This could settle by jumping or sharing the gold. But with a quick agreement and a handshake, they agreed to share the gold. 

A Triathlon Runner consoled her Competitor 

Claire Michel from Belgium cried after finishing the race in last place, about 15 minutes behind winner Flora Duffy from Bermuda. 

When Norwegian Lotte Miller finished the race in 24th and sat down to recover, she saw Claire crying and went straight to console her. 

A South African Swimmer broke World Record and fellow competitors hugged her 

In the women’s 200-meter breaststroke, South African swimmer Tatjana Schoenmaker won the gold medal and broke a world record in the process. 

While watching Tatjana, her fellow American team competitor Annie Lazor came to her and hugged her excitedly.

Within a few seconds, another competitor, Lilly King, and Kaylene Corbett, swam over to her and joined the two of them, and gave a group hug in which all four women shared a hug in the water.

A Male Badminton Champion exchanged shirts with his competitors

Denmark’s badminton player Viktor Axelsen defeated China’s defending champion Chen Long in the men’s badminton singles final, and he broke the Chinese star’s hope of back-to-back gold.

But in the end, the two competitors hugged emotionally and even exchanged shirts.


Like these moments we have many other moments too which give perfect examples for sportsmanship. And we hope that we get some more examples like this and we can set an example for the upcoming sportsperson. 

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