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Sportsperson and their Unique Nicknames
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Sportsperson and their Unique Nicknames

We all love to give nicknames to our family and friends because we love them and admire them. Likewise, sports are always loved by everyone and everyone admires and respects the sportsperson. That’s why they have given very unique nicknames. 

Why don’t we just take a look at some of the unique nicknames of the famous sportsperson: 

Major Dhyan Chand- The nickname for this legendary hockey player is  “The Wizard” or the “Magician of hockey.” He has gained three Olympic Gold Medals and represented India in the pre-independence era. At that time, in his presence, India was very focused on hockey. In 1948, he played his final international match and scored more than 400 goals in his overall international career.

P.T. Usha- She is known as “Payyoli Express” & the “Golden Girl”. Her full name is Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha. She has won a gold medal in the Asian Athletics Championships under a 4×100 meter relay race. In 1980, at the age of 16, she competed in the Olympics and became the youngest Indian sprinter. She also earned 13 golds at ATF meets. Because she earned many gold medals, she is known as India’s Sprint Queen. She is also the first Indian woman who reached the final of an Olympic event.

Milkha Singh- An extraordinary sprinter and a person who not only served the Indian Army but also represented India in many international platforms. For his remarkable achievement and speed on the track, he is known as the “Flying Sikh” of the nation. He was the first athlete to earn a gold medal in the Commonwealth games. For 38 years, his 400 meters national record stood. He also represented India in Asian Games and Olympic Games too. 

Mary Kom- The woman who broke all the stereotypes of society and brought herself as a successful boxer. She was the first woman who earned many medals and trophies internationally. Because of her incredible achievement, she was titled a  “Meethoileima” and “Magnificent Mary.” She is a six times World’s female Boxing Champion and also an Olympic medalist. 
MS Dhoni- He is also known as  “Captain Cool” because of his patience and calm nature. His nickname is Mahi given by his family, but when he got fame and people started admiring him everyone started calling him Mahi. He is also known as the “Best Finisher” of the Indian Cricket Team because he led the team to win the 2011 World Cup after a drought of 28 years.

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