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Rory Van Ulft: World’s strongest 7-Year-Old Girl from Canada
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Rory Van Ulft: World’s strongest 7-Year-Old Girl from Canada

It is engrossing to watch the younger generation kids lifting the bar that we adults can’t. The 7-year old girl, Rory Van Ulft has lately snatched everyone’s attention with her huge abilities that are beyond imagination. 

The schoolgirl has been crowned the USA weightlifting under-11 and under-13 Youth National champion in the 30 kg category. Her extraordinary success has made her the youngest US youth national champion in history.

This little girl can do 80 kg deadlifts and grab 32 kg, clean and jerk 42 kg, and squat 61 kg. She is a full-time student attending her 4th grade in school and can lift huge weights comparative to her age. Such a strong weightlifter, ain’t she!

Rory is a Canadian-born gymnast and a weightlifter. She was born in Ottawa in 2013 and she is 4 feet tall. She begin with her training right after her fifth birthday when she was volunteered in a gymnastics class. Her training sessions are about 9 hours per week for gymnastics and 4 hours for weightlifting. 

As per her health, her parents have scheduled both the family doctor and a sports medicine pediatrician. The kid also has fake tattoos during competitions as she believes it looks cool.

Rory has shown herself the world in terms of her massive strength. She is currently the governing champion of the Ontario Weightlifting Association 17-and-under district competition in the 40 kg weight category in Canada. It’s admirable that Rory at such a kind age has obtained such a remarkable weightlifting capability; she actually holds a brighter future ahead.

The little ponder is the best beat-for-beat-11-and-under lifter in the US with a total of 213.738 points in the Sinclair competition. In her interview she mentioned, she likes getting stronger which helps her to perform and get better at everything. She further added that she voids her mind before her performance without thinking about anything else.

Her Instagram account has many pictures and videos of her meticulous training that is currently run by her parents. She produced a buzz online after deadlifting a huge 80 kilos. Her faith underlies her strength that makes her better in everything that she tried. She is trained by her coach Mr. Spencer Moorman, whom she has also credited in her Instagram account.

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