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Know all interesting realities about US Open
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Know all interesting realities about US Open

The US Open is one of the most seasoned Grand Slams in tennis history. Interestingly, it is likewise the last Grand Slam of the ATP calendar. Having been played for a very long time, the competition has set an enormous norm in the sport. However, have you at any point considered what amount do you think about this Grand Slam? Here is a portion of its fascinating realities. 

A scene named after a US incredible 

Arthur Ashe was an unbelievable tennis player for the USA, regardless of winning the US Open just once. What made his success interesting was that he was the principal individual to win the lesser and senior US Open title in a similar year. Owing to this noteworthy accomplishment, the primary scene inside the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center was named after him. 

Just Grand Slam to have standard tie-break inconclusive set 

One of the outstanding components of Grand Slams is that the last set for men normally don’t have a tie break and goes on until a two-game distinction is held by a player. However, the US Open was solitary Grand Slam to have the standard tie-break methodology for all matches. It is since other Grand Slams have presented a changed tie-break framework. 

Bjorn Borg never played US Open after the 1981 misfortune. 

In one of the intriguing realities and occurrences of the competition, John McEnroe had beaten Bjorn Borg in the last of 1981. While he was matured only 25 in those days, Borg never played the Grand Slam for individual reasons. Interestingly, Borg left the scene following the match, as he didn’t partake in the show ceremony. 

The lone Slam to be played on every one of the three surfaces 

US Open is one of the head hard-court Grand Slams, other than the Australian Open. However, it has eminently facilitated the vent under every one of the three surfaces endorsed by the ITF. Since its origin in 1981, it was played on grass until 1974, trailed by mud from 1975 to 1977, while it has been played on the hard surface since 1978 to date. 

The principal Grand Slam to present Hawk Eye 

The presentation of innovation has made any games all the more foolproof. Similarly, the presentation of the Hawk-Eye ball-global positioning framework has permitted the players and the umpires to precisely figure out where the ball landed. In what is a progressive innovation in the game, the US Open was the principal Grand Slam to have utilized the innovation, having contributed a huge number of dollars.

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