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Know all about Synthetic Flooring for Tennis Courts and ReboundAce India
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Know all about Synthetic Flooring for Tennis Courts and ReboundAce India

From the beginning of Tennis and till now, it is considered as one of the most popular & glamorous sports around the globe. This sport has an average viewership of 700 million. Early, the tennis court was known as a lawn tennis court. Now, tennis courts are generally made of many materials and have different types. This game is played indoors, outdoors, or semi indoor. And here we will discuss synthetic flooring in a tennis court.

What is Synthetic Flooring? 

It is a form of man-made floorings like Acrylic, PU, artificial clay, artificial grass, modular tiles, and even wood. It is a completely padded coating system made from cutting-edge materials. 

In India, Rebound is the only company that is equipped in providing all kinds of the sports flooring.

The advantage of synthetic courts is zero maintenance courts and if we talk about natural grass courts and clay courts it requires rolling, watering, and brushing every day. It is one of the main reasons why the whole world brought synthetic courts and left clay and grass courts behind. 

Another advantages of this type of games flooring are that it makes them moisture and UV resistant, simple to use, easy to maintain, the biggest attraction, and it is easy on the pocket. 

There are many types of synthetic tennis courts such as Acrylic Flooring for tennis courts, Artificial/ Hybrid Clay courts, PU (Polyurethane flooring) synthetic tennis courts, Synthetic Grass courts, Modular PP Tyles: Poly proline synthetic tennis court. 

Acrylic flooring is a cutting-edge floor that can be installed easily for both indoor & outdoor use. It comes in many ITF classified speeds like slow, medium, medium-fast, fast. They provide a consistent speed of play and a smooth surface. This flooring comes with many options that can be made both cushioned and non-cushioned.

A hybrid clay court is a merger of two techniques which can be a mixture of artificial grass and special clay. In today’s time, there are some companies in the world that use synthetic carpets below the clay. All the coaches from across the world preferred slow courts. These courts are perfect for coaching young children. The establishment of these courts is expensive. These courts can last up to 25 years.

Rebound Ace India– Your Sports Infra Expert 

When we talk about the best Sports Infrastructure for any sport in India then only we talk about more than 15 years of experience in the industry which is Rebound Sports. Their specialty is Wooden Flooring, Acrylic flooring, Rubber Flooring, Astroturf, and some other types of sports flooring in India. They manufacture world-class long-lasting sports products based on patented technologies and rigorous R&D.

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