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Check US Open History, rundown of Winners, and Facts.
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Check US Open History, rundown of Winners, and Facts.

US Open, officially the United States Open Tennis Championships, global tennis competition, the fourth and last of the significant occasions that make up the yearly Grand Slam of tennis (different competitions are the Australian Open, the French Open, and the Wimbledon Championships). 

The US Open is held every year over a fourteen-day time span in late August and early September. Since 1978 all the US Open titles have been played on the acrylic hard courts of the US Tennis Association (USTA) National Tennis Center (renamed the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in 2006) in Flushing Meadows, Queens, N.Y. The US Open comprises of titles in five primary classifications: men’s singles and duplicates, ladies singles and pairs, and blended copies. 

The US Open was created from one of the most seasoned tennis titles on the planet: the US Public Championship, which was set up in 1881 as a public men’s singles and copies contest. The competition was open just to clubs that were individuals from the US Public Lawn Tennis Association (USLTA; presently the USTA). The occasion extended to remember ladies’ singles for 1887, ladies’ pairs in 1889, and blended copies in 1892. The five titles were challenged at various regions until 1968 when every one of the five competitions was at long last facilitated at a typical site (the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, Queens, NY), whereupon the titles became known as the US Open. The competition moved to Flushing Meadows in 1978. As an extraordinary aftereffect of this decentralized history, the competition has been played on an assortment of surfaces: from 1881 to 1974, it was played on grass; from 1975 to 1977, on mud; and since 1978, on DecoTurf, a quick hard-court surface containing an acrylic layer over a black-top or substantial base. 

The principle court at the US Open (and the National Tennis Center’s biggest scene) is the 22,000-seat Arthur Ashe Stadium, which is continued in limit by the 10,000-seat Louis Armstrong Stadium, the 6,000-seat Grandstand Stadium, and more modest side courts. All courts are lit and subsequently helpful for night play, and the internal courts are painted blue to work with the following of the ball. Like most notable titles attached to elite athletics, the US Open is as much a media party and vacation destination as a game, with extraordinary melodic demonstrations and family exercises booked all through the fourteen-day time span. 

Perhaps the most striking minutes in US Open history occurred in the 1992 elimination round match between American Michael Chang and Stefan Edberg of Sweden. Edberg arose triumphantly, however, solely after an overwhelming five hours and 26 minutes, overcoming Chang 6–7, 7–5, 7–6, 5–7, 6–4. That is accepted to be the longest match in US Open history. The longest ladies’ match in the opposition’s set of experiences—as far as the number of games—happened in 1898 (preceding the organization of sudden death rounds), when the five-set match between Juliette Atkinson (the victor) and Marion Jones stretched out to 51 games. Arthur Ashe won the US Open in 1968, but since of his novice status (he was a lieutenant in the US Armed force at that point), he couldn’t acknowledge the prize cash. Another fascinating side note with regards to US Open history is that Jimmy Connors is the solitary male to have won Open singles titles on each of the three of the Open’s surfaces. At the same time, Chris Evert (this creator) is the lone lady to have won on two surfaces, winning a record six US Open titles altogether (1975–78, 1980, 1982).

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