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Australia Test captain Pat Cummins responds to Justin Langer’s exit as Australia coach
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Australia Test captain Pat Cummins responds to Justin Langer’s exit as Australia coach

On Wednesday, Australia Test captain Pat Cummins responded to criticism following Justin Langer’s resignation as head coach in a first public statement since the blustery turn of events that has governed headlines back in the country.

We all know, Justin Langer resigned as Australia’s head coach before his contract expired and pointed fingers at the absence of support from some members of the team and the board. Langer had disclosed that he was provided a short-term contract extension by Cricket Australia but he did not take it while attaching that the board apparently wanted to take the team in a new direction.

Pat and his teammates were criticized by some former Australian cricketers, including Mitchell Johnson, for not supporting Langer’s contract extension. 

Especially, Langer quit from the role notwithstanding supervising Australia’s first-ever T20 World Cup success last year and the 4-0 win in Ashes untimely this year.

The likes of Johnson, Shane Warne, and Adam Gilchrist criticized the manner in which Langer was shown the door but the former Australian pacer directly pointed fingers at Cummins, saying the newly-appointed Test captain was gutless in not communicating his ideas on the Langer situation when the former head coach was considering his future with the CA.

“To all past players, I want to say this. Just as you have always stuck up for your mates, I’m sticking up for mine,” Cummins said in a statement adding that he will detail his stand in the coming days.

Especially, Langer had provided a statement a day after he left, apologizing if his power in the coaching environment created problems for the players.

Media reports in the middle of 2021 proposed that some players were unhappy with Langer’s approach to coaching and unexpected mood changes. Backing meetings between team leaders and management, Langer started taking a less hands-on approach.

Pat Cummins said, “Justin has acknowledged that his style was intense. And it was. He has apologized to players and staff for his intensity. I think the apology was unnecessary.”

Cummins said the players were okay with Langer’s power.

He added, “It came from a good place — and his fierce love of Australia and the baggy green (Australia’s test cricket cap) — something which has served Australian cricket well for three decades. It’s what makes him a legend of the sport. And Justin’s intensity drove a better team culture and higher team standards.”

Cummins said Langer left notable legacies and he thanked him on behalf of the players.

Further, he added, “More than that, we owe him a lot and Justin will be a welcome face in the change room in the future. So, his intensity was not the issue for players and the support staff.”

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