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Arun Rayudu: A story of Roller Skater
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Arun Rayudu: A story of Roller Skater

Arun Rayudu is an Indian aesthetic roller skater hailing from Vizag, Visakhapatnam. In 2017, he was the captain of the Andhra Pradesh Roller Skating Team. For 3 years he won the All India Inter-University Championship and made his mark at an early level.  

In his family, his father is a retired Executive Director of a steel plant in Visakhapatnam, his mother is a homemaker, and his younger brother. By profession, he is an engineering student at VIT.

Since his childhood days, he faced a  hard-fought battle against Asthma. He faced difficulties as most of the tournaments were held in winters. Due to the cold, he found it hard to breathe and he was more prone to asthma attacks. Even with all those things, he continued his battle against Asthma and was able to achieve wonders at national and international levels.

 He has faced 3 major injuries in his life. First, his right, and second, his left shoulder got dislocated. Then he faced a ligament tear in his right leg. He was out of the game for 6 months and abandoned all physical activities in order to initiate early recovery.

These injuries could have ended his career, as many doctors said that there was a high possibility of him not being able to skate again. Well, he never gave up as during his recovery time he held the rope tight to his chest and worked hard throughout his recovery time. 

Farheen Shaik is his skating partner for both pair and couple dance events. 

Till now, he has achieved, In 2016, he won 1 silver and 1 bronze in the Open Senior Category in the Pair Skating and Couple Dance categories with his partner Farheen Shaik in the 17th Asian Roller Skating Championship. He also made his debut for India in 2014 at the 16th Asian Roller Skating Championship where he secured the fourth position. 

He also ranked world no. 5 in the Under-19 category at the 17th Asian Roller Skating Championship. He won his first medal in 2018. the senior category in Open (Senior) Category in the 18th Asian Roller Skating Championship which was held in Namwon City, South Korea. Till now, he has secured 14 national accolades.

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