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“Age is not a number”: Proof that No One  knows!
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“Age is not a number”: Proof that No One knows!

There are many people out there for whom this world is called “impossible”, and believe that there is no age to achieve your dreams.

If we talk about the world of sports, here miracles can happen in many ways as you never know which athlete of which age will come and leave you jaw-dropped with their extraordinary skills. 

Well, without wasting any time, let’s talk about the Indian sports legends who believe, “Age is just a number!”

  • 1.Fauja Singh (110)

In the London Marathon 2003, his best personal timing is 6 hours, 2 minutes, The 110 years old Fauja Singh has challenged the world to dare beyond bars. He is recognized as the oldest Marathon runner in the world. He has beaten many world records but unfortunately, they are not confirmed as records. On his 100th birthday, he tried and earned 8 world age-group records at the Ontario Masters Association Fauja Singh Invitational Meet.

  • 2.Chandro Tomar (89) & Praskshi Tomar (85)

The whole world went into shock when two maestro shooters in their 60s, exploded the world with their rifles and revolvers, and today, they are leading to the inspiration to follow. But nothing comes free, they both face several taunts from the male-dominated society of a patriarchal state of India. They have earned several national medals in shooting. But on 30th April 2021, legend Chandro Tomar left us due to COVID-19. 

  • 3.Jugal Rathi (75)

When Jugal Rathi was in his 70s, he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA), and his doctor recommended that he can go for an implant otherwise he will never be able to walk. He didn’t agree to the implant, and brought a twist in his life, as he decided to recover his osteoarthritis through naturopathy but he also surprised the world by completing 71 cycling rounds on his 71st birthday and gave a message that everything is possible if you want it.  

  • 4.Mann Kaur (105) 

She is recognized as the fastest Indian centenarian in the world. She has added several medals in her athletics with her super fast speed and sporting spirit.

At the age of 93, she started her career with her son Gurdev who has trained her since the beginning, and they both feel glad of sharing their powerful moments on the track. She took her last breath at a Dera Bassi Hospital near Mohali. 


Now, it is well proved that age is just a number, and to fulfill your dream you don’t need any age if you want it then take it. The sports world is for everyone whether you are a toddler or a centenarian. Work hard and you will get your dream. 

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