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Advance and Best technology in the Para Sports
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Advance and Best technology in the Para Sports

For many years technology has become very advanced and useful to all of us. We use technology in many ways and many places. And now these “Low-tech” or highly advanced technology are used in Para sports. 

Here are some examples of advanced technology used in Paralympics sports: 

Badminton Wheelchairs- In the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, Badminton has made its debut and India has won many medals. To move freely in the wheelchair they added backrest and caster wheels at the rear. 

Cycling Track Racing Bikes- In the Paralympics, they use standard racing bikes but it can be modified according to the player’s need. Like if the player is arm impairment, then the handlebars can be changed according to greater mobility and if the player is impaired from the leg then it can add a prosthesis to the pedal.

Release Brace in Archery- To help athletes assistive devices are allowed to use, which include a release brace. It is fixed on the archer’s back, hinged on to a brace, and tied to the upper body. To release the arrow a manual trigger mechanism or other hinges have been added. 

Running Blades- To replace calves and ankles the amputee athletes use lightweight running blades. The shape of the blades is a J-shaped prosthesis, it is made of carbon fiber which is strong and helps athletes to come forward in sprints, vertical lifts or long jumps.

Wheelchair Rugby Chairs- Both the teams have different designs of chairs, for the offensive team chairs have aluminum metal “wings” on the front wheel, and for the defensive team, chairs have a grappling hook on the front. The chairs are made of aluminum or titanium. The fifth and sixth wheels can be modified according to the athlete’s impairment to improve stability and mobility. Tapping Devices in Swimming- Athletes who are visually impaired have an assistant called “Tappers”, which warns the swimmers when they have to take a turn or they are about to approach the wall. It is a long pole with a soft end piece that taps the swimmer’s head, shoulder, or back. These devices need to be IPC approved before use.

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